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The Heart of the Trauma Coping System

Melissa Finger, MS, NCC has been working with individuals with dissociative disorders for many years. When she began working with dissociative disorders, she was working in the capacity of a mental health counselor. As she learned more about dissociation, she was able to assist individuals in knowing and understanding their internal systems. This enabled her dissociative clients to come to a place of stabalization where they were able to see improved functioning and a decrease of symptoms related to their disorder.


In 2011, Melissa transitioned from a mental health role into the position of a Biblical Counselor. Being raised in church, Melissa was knowledgeable about the Bible and recognized the need for incorporating prayer into her work with dissociative clients. She brought her mental health skills combined with healing prayer and Biblical principles to each session and what she found was amazing. As with many counselors before her, Melissa discovered how quickly past lies and pain could be healed when in the presence of God. The primary goal of stabalization changed to a goal of complete healing and wholeness for each dissociative client.


Unhappy with the degree of negative stigma assosicated with dissociative disorders, Melissa began to pray about a new framework that would place the emphasis of these internal struggles on the blessing of their development and the healing journey that was available to all individuals. The term Trauma Coping System came from this search. Melissa believes God created each and every Trauma Coping System to enable individuals to survive trauma, and just as He created it, He has an amazing path of healing for each Trauma Coping System. He cares about every part of a person, and He shares in their sorrows and rejoices in their healing.


Since working from this framework, Melissa has seen several people come to complete healing and wholeness. She has expanded her work at Seek First Ministries, Inc. from just sessions to having support groups for individuals with a TCS and support groups for those who are in the post-integration phase of their healing. She plans to offer classes on Internal Communication and Self-Acceptance in the future as well.


If you have any questions about Melissa, her ministry, or the beliefs behind the Trauma Coping System theory, you can email Melissa at


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