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There are many, many books available that discuss dissociative disorders from clinical perspecives to personal stories of healing. This small selection of books will provide a good starting place for learning more about dissociative disorders.



Dissociative Identity Dissorder: Recognizing and Restoring the Severely Abused

Volume One

by Tom R. Hawkins, Ph.D. with Diane W. Hawkins, M.A.


Drawing upon a broad scope of literature in the DID field, this volume focuses on the psychological issues of DID which must be understood in order to recognize and treat those with this diagnosis. They are presented from a Christian perspective.


Provides invaluable guidance for therapists, counselors, prayer ministers and their DID clientele. Contains an extensive, explanatory listing of the often complex and subtle symptomatology of DID, an examination of mind-control programming with a suggested protocol for its resolution, a discussion on the reliability and healing of traumatic memory, and an introduction to Dr. Hawkins’ concept of "Primary Identity" dynamics, which can transform the efficiency of the therapy. (information retrieved from on 06/22/2014)




My Flower Has Thorns: The Spouse of a DID Survivor Speaks Out

by James Vineyard


"This is a book of great value for every man, though it is especially pertinent to couples struggling to overcome the effects of child sexual abuse in their marriages. Every husband who desires to be Christ-like struggles with fleshly, sexual impulses, which often prove destructive in younger years and may never be fully quenched even in the context of marriage. Relationship is about much more than the bedroom, however, as many wives have tried to communicate to their husbands."  (information retrieved from on 06/22/2014)




Journey of Love

by Penny Elder with Vicki Freligh

Illustrated by Gerri Lynn Wilson


Journey of Love tells Penny Elder’s story of how she discovers lonely, dissociated personalities within her, which were created to bear childhood pain and trauma. It also follows her healing process with Vicki Freligh, Penny's prayer minister, interspersing her own comments and observations of how she assisted Penny to face the truth of her past, walk through forgiveness, and merge into wholeness bound by God's love. While not a case of complex DID or ritual abuse, the story nevertheless covers many key aspects of understanding the diagnosis and the healing process.  (information retrieved from on 06/22/2014)






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