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Trauma Healing Conference TOPICS

Resolving Internal Conflicts

The lasting effects of trauma on one’s life are usually due to intolerable conflicts that the event caused in one’s mind. Identifying and resolving these conflicts can significantly relieve the emotional pain and behavioral dysfunctions resulting from the trauma. The process for doing this will be explained with many examples given.


Satan is a devious enemy who brings us into bondage in many ways we may not recognize. Although Jesus Christ has fully paid the price to enable us to overcome all of these, we need to express our faith in this and to declare our free will choice to receive freedom from them, just as we must do to receive the salvation that Jesus Christ fully paid for us too. Renunciations written by people who have gained insight into particular forms of bondage enable us to do this, potentially relieving physical, emotional, and spiritual symptoms in our lives.

Joyful Healing

This session will explore how God designed our brains to run on a foundation of relational joy.  Trauma prevents the brain from developing a solid joyful foundation and instead creates a foundation based on fear.    We will explore how the intentional practice of appreciation and creating relational joy can restore our brains to the joyful foundation God intended us to have.


Immanuel Prayer

This session will briefly introduce and demonstrate Immanuel Prayer which was developed by Karl Lehman, M.D.  (  

Self-Protective Behaviors

God knew we would face many traumas and stressful situations in our lives (John 16:33). He designed our minds and bodies with coping systems to be able to survive these experiences until we would be in a place to receive healing. Often, self-protective behaviors are a part of these coping systems. Learn how these self-protective behaviors develop and how to identify when they are being used.



When self-protective behaviors have been used for a long period of time, it can be very difficult to trust God’s protective nature over our own. One of the most effective tools that God has given us is a way to trade our own self-protective behaviors for His tools and gifts (Isaiah 61). Learn how to navigate these trades in yourself and others.

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