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Personal Testimonies


When on your healing journey, sometimes it can be difficult to remember the healing that has been done because it is over-looked by the parts that still need healing. This page is dedicated to celebrate every aspect of healing. From the smallest part receiving acceptance to the whole system finding wholeness, each healing experience should be remembered and celebrated!  (each testimony has been reprinted with permission of all involved)




The following statements are in response to the question:       How has improving your internal awareness and communication improved your quality of life?

Improved Skills


I have learned skills to use with myself when I have internal chaos.  Also, being with my counselor has allowed me to fear my personal issues a lot less and become more comfortable with all of me.



I am understanding myself a little better.  I am a little less critical of myself.  I have more hope for change.  I have a counselor who understands me and maybe even understands me better than I understand myself.

Chaos into Calm


I am able to stay more calm when things around me are not calm.  I have gained knowledge and skills that help bring me to a state of peace when I am experiencing internal chaos.

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