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Other Websites of Interest


Much of the information on the internet regarding severe dissociation (the basis of a TCS) is discouraging, complicated, or incorrect. Because of this, we wanted to provide a list of websites dealing with trauma, DID, healing, SRA, and other relevant issues, that we have found most helpful. While not everyone will find all of these websites useful to their own journey, if you have connected with the concept of the Trauma Coping System, then you will likely find some good resources on at least one of these sites. Not all of the information on each of these sites aligns with the philosophies that define the TCS, however, each person is on their own journey and must find their own way to accept and validate their situation.



Restoration in Christ Ministries is a Christian site that thoroughly addresses Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) with Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) factors. This site provides resources, trainings, education, a variety of free downloads, and encouragement from a Biblical perspective. Please read this site with caution as areas related to SRA can be very triggering to some people.




Lydia Discipleship Ministries  LDM trains caring people to walk through the healing process with those who are deeply wounded. Our vision is to make the church a safe place to disciple wounded people, by raising up effective teams of Christian workers who can encourage and enable.




The International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation is a clinical site that focuses on studying and educating others on the diagnosis and treatment of DID. This site is highly clinical and will likely be most helpful to counselors working with someone with a TCS.



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